Harvest Intervention Services d/b/a HMH

Behavioral and Mental Health Support  for Infants. Youth. Adults

Early Intervention

Do you know a child who does not point or has not used words by the age of 14 months? Are you concerned about your child’s playing and thinking skills? Does your child show an interest in playing with peers or prefers to play alone? ...

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Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is used to assess a range of mental abilities, skills, and behaviors, which can include intellect, achievement, personality and neurological functioning. Observations, parent feedback and teacher input are...

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An individual's mental and emotional well being are important. Life experiences and environment influence our mental and emotional health from birth. Counseling services are supportive for any age, from infants through adults.

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Psychosocial Skills Training

A service offered to young children through young adults. The skills training helps to further develop social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Training can contribute to improvement in relationships and academics.

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  • Before contacting Harvest Intervention Services, the relationship between my daughter and I was very stressful. I suffered a lot of anxiety and my daughter had become rebellious. After receiving counseling through Harvest Interventions we have learned how to better communicate. Our relationship is improving.

    Mother of Alexis

  • “My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He made a tremendous amount of progress in his social skills, his organizational skills and more appropriate behaviors because of the counseling and behavioral support we received from Harvest Intervention Services. Our therapist went above and beyond what is required and provided our family with quality services and showed she cared.” Our lives have been greatly impacted by Harvest Intervention Services."
    Michelle and Brandi

    Mother and Grandmother

  • “Over the past 2 years, Joshua has had many challenges in his behavior and showed poor performance in school. We had a full psychological evaluation completed by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Harvest Intervention Services. The results of the testing help us to know how to help him in school and at home. We were able to take the psychological report to his school and schedule a meeting to discuss additional support services. Thank you Harvest!
    Anna and Jeremiah

    Parents of Joshua

  • “Since beginning Early Intervention, my 2 year old daughter, Sabrina, has met many of her developmental milestones! Before therapy she was not playing with toys right, understanding directions or using her words. Now she is saying some of her letters, using one or two words to tell us what she wants and showing us certain pictures in books. Thank you, Harvest Intervention Services!”
    Alex and Teresa

    Parents of Sabrina