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Early Intervention

Do you know a child who does not point or has not used words by the age of 14 months? Are you concerned about your child’s playing and thinking skills? Does your child show an interest in playing with peers or prefers to play alone? ...

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Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is used to assess a range of mental abilities, skills, and behaviors, which can include intellect, achievement, personality and neurological functioning. Observations, parent feedback and teacher input are...

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An individual's mental and emotional well being are important. Life experiences and environment influence our mental and emotional health from birth. Counseling services are supportive for any age, from infants through adults.

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Tutoring Services

A service offered to young children through young adults. This educational service provides in home and on site instruction to teach skill acquisition in areas of development and academics. We offer one-on-one tutoring and home classroom design.

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  • “Demario was born premature with low birth weight. He showed moderate developmental delays around 5 months and even over months of his development. At 5 months old, he had motor delays and could not push up during tummy time. He was pretty far behind in his language skills. He was not using words to tell me what he wanted. He had a hard time communicating. Within weeks of working with therapists at Harvest Intervention Services, Demario started pushing up on his arms and trying to reach for toys. By 14 months, he was pointing and using some sign language to ask for something. Harvest Intervention Services has made a huge difference in our lives.”
    James and Denise

    Parents of Demario

  • “My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He made a tremendous amount of progress in his language skills because of the Developmental Therapy we received from Harvest Intervention Services. Our therapist went above and beyond what is required and provided our family with quality services and showed she cared.” Our lives have been greatly impacted by Harvest Intervention Services."
    Michelle and Brandi

    Mother and Grandmother

  • “Over the past 2 years, Joshua has overcome many challenges in his behavior! He has become better at following directions without such resistance and exhibits overall less inappropriate behaviors. We are thankful for his progress. It is amazing!”

    Mother of Joshua

  • “Since beginning Developmental Therapy, my 2 year old daughter, Sabrina, has met many of her developmental milestones! Before therapy she was not playing with toys right, understanding directions or using her words. Now she is saying some of her letters, using one or two words to tell us what she wants and showing us certain pictures in books. Thank you, Harvest Intervention Services!”
    Alex and Teresa

    Parents of Sabrina

June 19, 2017

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